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Get Involved, committees are an exclusive Members Only benefit.  Any level of participation is welcome and encouraged for our members. If you are interested in joining or working with the NAIOP NYC committees, please contact us at

Education Committee

The Education Committee aims to advance member careers in commercial real estate with New York City-focused programs. This committee will develop a variety of programs (in conjunction with local Universities) that focus on the topics important to the commercial real estate industry including finance, investments, development practices, marketing and more.

Programs & Special Events Committee

The Programs & Events Planning Committee is responsible for organizing NAIOP New York City’s activities, special events, programs and networking opportunities. This committee meets quarterly to propose new ideas for NAIOP’s calendar of events. The Events Planning Committee works closely with the Executive board to actively promote programs.

Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee strives to provide NAIOP New York City members with diverse volunteer opportunities throughout the year. This committee partners with various local organizations for quarterly volunteer outings and intramural sporting activities. The Community Relations Committee meets quarterly to propose new community involvement ideas.

Mentor Program Committee

The Mentor Program aims to provide Developing Leaders and students an enriching experience the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills through exclusive programs and networking events with industry leaders. Mentors have the opportunity to build mentoring skills, increase their professional networks, and gain recognition as subject matter experts in the commercial real estate industry.

Developing Leaders Committee

The Developing Leaders Committee meets quarterly to plan programs, professional development and networking events as a membership benefit exclusively for Developing Leaders. Events include social gatherings, sporting events, and community service projects.

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee meets bi-annually to research, communicate and take action to shape laws and policies affecting the commercial real estate industry including critical topics affecting real estate development in New York. The Government Affairs Committee acts as a liaison for NAIOP.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee meets bi-annually and oversees and consults on sponsorship initiatives and prospective partnerships, determines and defines value propositions, prospect opportunities and pricing. The committee also participates in member outreach to solicit new partnerships.

Membership and Retention Committee

The Membership and Retention Committee meets quarterly and develops strategies for attracting and retaining members, follows up on leads with personal contacts and invitations for prospects to join. The committee also hosts new member orientation receptions, provides input and consultation to membership drive events, chapter value propositions and marketing.

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