Location: Online
Start Date: May 6, 2020
End Date: July 1, 2020

Advanced Development Practices is a sequel to the Essentials of the Development Process and builds on the concept of a Development Matrix where the seven stages of Real Estate Development are combined with the eight Tasks required in each stage to produce a 56-cell matrix.

This survey course focuses on the eight Tasks in each stage of the real estate development process. Each Task is really a category of tasks that must be completed in order to create value throughout the development process. Each Stage of Development begins with the Acquisition Task and ends with the Disposition Task. In between, the developer must address and complete the following Tasks: Finance, Market Studies and Marketing Strategy, Environmental, Approvals and Permits, Improvements, and Transportation and Accessibility. In reality these Tasks are completed in various orders and usually they are done simultaneously. The order of the Tasks presented in this course is arbitrary, and most tasks interact with each other to some extent and the completion of individual task is dependent on the completion of other Tasks. This course broadly describes the Tasks and the sub-tasks from a developer’s point of view. Students are not expected to be experts in all of these tasks, but they are expected to understand and appreciate what needs to happen for a successful development, i.e. one that creates value in excess of the costs needed to create value.

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