Location: Online
Start Date: January 8, 2020
End Date: February 26, 2020

This survey course will examine the seven stages of a comprehensive real estate development model at an introductory level. This model begins with raw land in the land banking stage and continues through land packaging, land development, building development, and building operations. The model continues through the development process to include building renovations and property redevelopment. The life cycle of a real estate development is analyzed in terms of how value is created in each stage of development. Module One presents the theoretical context of this seven stage model. Then starting with Module Two, each successive Module will examine each principle development stage by outlining how value is created, key players, critical tasks, controllable costs, and major risks. Examples discussed in each stage will describe how to apply those principles to real world practices. Finally, a special skills section will be presented at the end of each module. These special skills will teach students how to perform basic calculations to estimate and analyze real estate values in order to better understand value creation throughout the real estate development process

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