Executive Board

Ryan Elazari


Blake Grosch

Vice President

Emily Kalia


Tim Oberweger


Elizabeth Geary-Archer

Chief of Staff

Kelly Tuffs


Past Presidents

Jason Hayes

2022 – 2024 President

Sharmeen Dossani

2020 – 2021 President

Tiffany Greenidge

2019 President

Rick Lechtman

2018 President

Jodi Shaw

2017 President

Greg Maurer-Hollaender

2016 President

Brain Jauntig

2015 President

Jay Fehskens

2014 President

Neil Tipograph

2013 President

Brian Robin

2012 President

Paul Formichelli

2011 President

Joseph Tufariello

2010 President

Robert Jackson

2009 President

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Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee meets bi-annually and oversees and consults on sponsorship initiatives and prospective partnerships, determines and defines value propositions, prospect opportunities and pricing. The committee also participates in member outreach to solicit new partnerships.

Programs & Special Events Committee

The Programs & Events Planning Committee is responsible for organizing NAIOP New York City’s activities, special events, programs and networking opportunities. This committee meets quarterly to propose new ideas for NAIOP’s calendar of events. The Events Planning Committee works closely with the Executive board to actively promote programs.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee meets quarterly and develops strategies for attracting and retaining members, follows up on leads with personal contacts and invitations for prospects to join. The committee also hosts new member orientation receptions, provides input and consultation to membership drive events, chapter value propositions and marketing.